Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1994, Friends of the KCAC has helped hundreds of children recover from the trama of sexual and physical abuse. We are a not-for-profit corporation made up of volunteers with various backgrounds and from throughout the Kane Country community, focused on providing support to abused children and their families which cannot be met by the KCAC and the legal system.

The Kane County Child Advocacy Center (KCAC) is a division of the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office. The KCAC conducts all investigations using multi-disciplinary teams of professionals to investigate cases of child sexual and physical abuse and, when appropriate, take legal action in order to identify child abusers and hold them accountable.

This approach has two major benefits:

  • Reduces the child victim’s trauma. By reducing the number of times a child is interviewed, the KCAC is able to minimize the number of times the victim needs to talk about their abuse.
  • Saves taxpayer money. A recent study has proven that the multi-disciplinary team approach reduces the annual investigation costs by over 40% compared to communities that do not have a CAC.

For more information, please visit the KCAC website, or call them at (630) 208-5160.