Friends of the KCAC – Helping Rebuild The Lives Of The Abused!

In 2009, Kane County had the 5th highest level of child sexual and physical abuse reports in Illinois….surprised? Don’t be. Abuse is one of those crimes that, in the interest of the children, is kept quite. Fortunately, the strong legal system and the work of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC), Kane has a strong track record of ensuring that justice is served.

But, while the system ends with justice, the child’s journey, and that of their family, is just beginning. Rebuilding the lives requires support that starts at the report and continues well beyond the court’s verdict. Unfortunately, most families cannot afford the services that will give them the best chance of recovery and successful integration back into the community.

  • That’s where Friends of the KCAC (Kane Child Advocacy Center) comes in. We help families rebuild their lives through our programs, such as
  • Specialized counseling programs;
  • Support groups for victim’s families;
  • Adopt-A-Family programs (assist families with food, clothing, etc)
  • Medical equipment purchase (reduce invasiveness of investigative procedures);
  • And many others.

We are always looking for volunteers and donations to help us help kids and their families rebuild their lives after this tragedy, so please join us today!